Barbour County Against COVID Campaign

The Barbour County Extension Office, Get Involved Barbour, NAACP Barbour County Branch 5075, Medical Center Barbour, the Eufaula City Schools, Buffalo Soldiers (NABSTMC), St John AME Church, St. James Episcopal Church and First African Baptist are working together to form the Barbour County Against COVID-19 initiative to unite the communities within Barbour County in our effort to stop the spread and impacts of COVID-19.  Our initiative will share factual information about COVID-19, the available vaccines, and best practices to keep individuals and families safe.

Organizers of this effort believe we need to:

  • Fight the virus to keep our schools open for safe in-person learning
  • Fight the virus to support local business
  • Fight the virus to prevent overcrowding at our hospitals and give people the best possible medical care.  

We are asking individuals, organizations, and community leaders to join our Blue and Gold ribbon effort to fight COVID by displaying a Blue and Gold ribbon at home, at work, at school and online. 

  • Display a Blue and Gold ribbon if you are vaccinated
  • Display a Blue and Gold ribbon if you or members of your organization wear a mask and are socially distanced indoors
  • Display a Blue and Gold ribbon if you plan to quarantine and get tested if exposed to COVID
  • Display a Blue and Gold ribbon if you are in the fight to keep schools open, businesses open and support local healthcare workers.

County Extension in collaboration with Auburn University, the Alabama Department of Public Health and the local Barbour County Health Department have grant funding to support Barbour County Against COVID efforts.  The local group will continue it’s outreach to local churches and other organizations asking for their support. 

 “Currently there is so much information on COVID that many people are getting overwhelmed. We thought a truly local effort would be the best way to support our community especially given the impact of the Delta variant. A blue and gold ribbon does not mean everyone in your business or organization is vaccinated. It means you are in the fight to keep Barbour County safe.” Allie Logan, Barbour County Extension.

The group plans to provide multiple ways to fight COVID over the next few months including information on where to get shots after regular business hours, special clinic locations for vaccinations, precautions to take to avoid the spread of COVID, information on testing, and available local medical treatment. 

To learn more about Barbour County Against COVID visit the Get Involved Barbour web page at

Committee- Barbour County Against COVID

Contact -Karen Sterling 317-518-2062 [email protected]