Your Need-to-Know Information for Dealing with COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Barbour County

To learn about the virus, call the state help line at 1-800-270-7268.

Stay safe. Use good hand washing, stay home, and avoid other people.

If you are sick, call your doctor first unless it is an emergency. If you do not have a doctor, call the hospital clinic at 334-687-2083 from 9 to 5 on weekdays or call the local NAACP at any time 334-232-9288 for care options. 

Funds. Your government checks will keep coming. Help is also coming for those who have lost jobs or cannot work because of the virus. If you have lost a job, you can file for unemployment. Call 334-687-8251.

Help with bills. Contact your landlord, bank, or other businesses to see what they can do to help. Alabama Power will waive late fees and will not turn off power because of lack of payment during this time. For help with food, clothing, shelter, or medical care, call 211, SEACAP at 334-687-8372, or the Clearinghouse at 334-687-2896. Calling the numbers 211 will also provide resources if domestic violence is a concern in this time of stress.

Call first.You can call the city hall or county offices. Many restaurants and pharmacies have curbside service or drive through options. 

School questions. More information will be coming soon about help for children who are out of school. School lunches are available for pick up. Call the school for times and locations.

If you are online, sign up for the free app “SeeClickFix” for the city of Eufaula. Sign up for the Chamber email on their web page or visit Jack Tibbs, local officials, or the Chamber Facebook pages for local virus information. 

Need more help? Call the NAACP number at 334-232-9288 or check with your religious leader. We are here to help.  

Download, save, and print a copy of this need-to-know information for dealing with COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Barbour County.